Airport Consultancy Group


RAAF Amberley


(March 2013 – July 2013)

RAAF Amberley – Provision of concept aircraft pavement options

ACG was engaged by the Project Managers responsible for preparing the strategic business case for the provision of base infrastructure for a fleet of Code C – Aleina C27J aircraft. The works involved assessing the site conditions, determining pavement concept designs for the multiple potential sites on base, preparing cost estimates  and working with a team of multi-disciplined consultants. As the new aircraft were replacing an older aircraft, a large component of the works involved assessing the increased requirements of the new aircraft over the replaced aircraft.

Project Challenges and Outcomes

The works involved multiple sites each of which had different infrastructure support requirements such as access to refuelling facilities, minimal infrastructure spend to meet maximum operational flexibility. An in depth understanding of the airfield pavement layout was required to ensure operational requirements would be met and only the necessary areas were nominated for upgrade.

Referee: David Tranthem – Project Manager – Point Projects. Phone: +61 (0)7 3119 7500