Hervey Bay Airport, Queensland, Australia


ACG were initially engaged to undertake a peer review of a tender design for a runway overlay and AGL upgrade. Following the findings of the review, ACG were engaged to amend elements of the design including detail design for further identified scope of works, and Project Management for the delivery of the construction. These works included providing:

  • planning and technical advice,
  • design,
  • cost estimates for the entire project,
  • runway turning node widening and the
  • RPT apron strengthening overlay and high mast lighting luminance review.

ACG also provided additional advice and design services to the client in the general aviation aprons.
Works included:

  • Pavement overlay design for RPT pavements, new Taxiway, extension of RPT and GA pavement areas
  • Apron Planning and parking arrangements for RPTand GA aircraft with geometric grading to satisfy MOS 139 requirements
  • Stormwater drainage design for improved sitedrainage and mitigation of current issues and redesign of apron flood lighting for complaint lux levels
  • Location and coordination of site services
  • Construction staging consideration to maintain airport operations

Project Management – In addition to detail design, ACG project managed on behalf of Council the collaboration of other consultants. This required management of 3 consultancies work elements which overlapped various components of design including document control.

Scope of works variation – The final scope of works changed throughout the construction with additional pavement areas and upgraded services having to be designed for construction at short notice. ACG facilitated planning and design of new works, and assisted Council with stakeholder engagement for any changed scope. With the airport having incomplete records of existing services, the design of new services required amending during construction to reduce potential variation costs. For extended pavement areas, particularly for the runway turning nodes, expedient pavement types were designed to enable the airport to be operational the following morning after a night shift.


Hervey Bay Airport Runway Overlay and AGL Upgrade