Christmas and Cocos Islands


ACG was engaged by the Aerodrome Operator – Toll Remote Logistics, to undertake pavement rehabilitation design and supervision at Cocos and Christmas Islands. The works were scoped, designed and implemented in a very compressed timeframe.

  • Scoping pavement maintenance works to be undertaken
  • Completion of aircraft pavement sealing works at Christmas Island Airport
  • Repair to failed aircraft parking bay at Cocos Island Airport

Cocos Island
The site has a number of logistics challenges with respect to shipping timeframes, wharf limitations and site contamination risks which needed to be addressed during the planning and scoping phase. This included refining the area of work to meet the unit transport volumes possible on site. The site pavement condition was also unknown and the very large aggregate size of the semi-crushed coral base course impacted the accuracy of excavation works. Due to the remote location a number of critical plant items were shipped out to ensure plant breakdowns could be repaired.

Christmas Island
Christmas Island weather can result in delays for shipping as well as construction delays. The island has limited availability for equipment purchase and repairs. The variability of the surface texture resulted in a specific solution that would not reflect the variability in texture and provide long life improvement to the pavement surface.


Christmas and Cocos Islands Pavement Works


Colin Fort
Program Manager for Indian Ocean Territories - Toll Remote Logistic
Ph: +61 (0)8 9164 8498