Airport Consultancy Group


Wandoan Aerodrome

Obstacle Surface Investigations

(Nov 2010 – March 2012)

Wandoan Aerodrome – Greenfield airport design

ACG was engaged as the airport design consultant for this project. The works included concept stage works through to detail design and governmental approvals.

Specific tasks undertaken for this project were:

  • Reviewing client requirements to determine design aircraft
  • Concept airfield layout
  • Evaluation of local area to determine suitable site for new airport
  • Airport approvals process

The planning phase of this project involved discussing with the client the requirements they had for the new airport and determining the design aircraft for the basis of the airport infrastructure. The works also included an evaluation of the local area to determine potential sites for the airport. This included an investigation into the maximum distance from the workers camp whilst still meeting client fatigue management guidelines. A multi-criteria analysis was undertaken to score each of the 8 potential sites selected from the local area evaluation. Detail design for the airport layout for the runway, taxiway and apron were undertaken and construction estimates and construction planning were also undertaken.

Referee: Chris Frost – Procurement Manager – CHPP. Mobile: +61 (0)0409 891 425