Airport Consultancy Group


Renmark Airport

Existing runway pavement condition assessment

(April 2012-June 2013)

Renmark Airport – Provision of Airport development technical advice

Renmark airport is a regional airport in Southern Australia which was investigating their options for upgrading the aerodrome to allow for additional aircraft movements. The client was unsure of the process for upgrading an aerodrome and ACG was able to assist the client with ongoing and hands on site inspections, condition analysis and upgrade options with construction budgets and timeframes.

  • Concept design of remote aerodrome pavements
  • Client support for preparation of upgrade budgets
  • Provision of construction programme

Project Challenges and Outcomes

As the exact aircraft traffic spectrum was not defined (either in vehicle type or frequency), our solutions had to be flexible enough to consider multiple scenarios and also meet budget expectations.

Referee: Geoff Meaney – Manager Infrastructure. Phone: +61 (0)8 8580 3000