Airport Consultancy Group


Groote Eylandyt Airport, NT

Northern Teritory, Australia - Aircraft Pavement rehabilitation

April 2014-July 2014

Groote Eylandyt Airport, Northern Teritory, Australia – Aircraft Pavement rehabilitation

Client support to BHP to assist in the management of the delivery of the design and construction solution.

Scope of Works

  • Subject matter expert for airport pavement strengthening to FIFO airport
  • Airfield layout and grading of Runway, Taxiways and aprons to meet ICAO and CASA design standards
  • Provide opportunities for schedule and budget optimisation to project

Project Challenges and Outcomes

The site is located in a remote region of Australia which requires a detailed appreciation of the engineering outputs and the ramifications on the constructability of the project. The client team required significant timeframe reductions to achieve project completion ahead of wet season. The client also required significant overall cost reductions and cashflow optimisations to meet internal existing budgetary commitments.

Referee: Mel Johnson – Project Studies Specialist Ph: +61 (0)7 3237 7179