Airport Consultancy Group


Dalanzadgad Airport, Mongolia

Mongolia - Pavement inspection and PCN assesment

Jan 2014 – March 2014

Dalanzadgad Airport, Mongolia – Pavement inspection and PCN assesment

ACG undertook the inspection of the pavement condition and assessment for Q400 operations.

Scope of Works

  • Organise geotechnical testing.
  • Assess Pavement condition to ICAO standards
  • Determine suitability for F50 and Q400 operations
  • Nominate PCN for client consideration

Project Challenges and Outcomes

Located in an extremely remote region of the Gobi Desert, this site has unique environmental factors of prolonged sub zero temperatures, extended freeze thaw cycles and long hot summer days. Whilst the pavement met the structural requirements, the durability of the pavement has led to an early end of operational life for the pavement. The rehabilitation strategy needs to accommodate the lack of construction materials and reduced level of trade skills. Site inspections were undertaken in -20degree temperatures.

Referee: Eznis Airways – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia