Airport Consultancy Group


Christmas Island

Existing Coronous pavement

(July 2013 – Ongoing)

Christmas Island – Runway reseal project

Airport design consultant for maintenance treatment to remote airport

Scope of Works

  • Inspect existing pavement condition
  • Asses options for surface rehabilitation works
  • Detail design of pavement rehabilitation
  • Construction supervision of works

Project Challenges and Outcomes

Christmas Island is an Australian Island located 2,000km from the Australian coastline and approximately 400km from Jakarta. The island is extremely remote and pavement materials & equipment will be barged in from off shore. The rehabilitation works require an appreciation of the ultimate structural upgrade timing to ensure an appropriate and effective solution is proposed. The resealing solution provides a uniform texture across the pavement despite the existing pavements differential frictional characteristic. Multiple options for solutions were reviewed, included PME’s, spray seals and microsurfacing pavements.

Referee: Steve Roughsedge – Airport Services Manager – Toll Remote Logistics. Phone: +61 (0)2 6206 1504