Airport Consultancy Group




Specialist construction experience in:

  • Pavement construction
  • Site engineers and Project Management
  • Construction Quality Audits

ACG’s Construction group is led by Craig Halliday, who has specialist construction experience in high quality heavy duty pavement projects. Our construction team consists of site engineers, construction and procurement managers. Through our preferred subcontractors we can deliver both rigid and flexible pavement works. Typically our scope of works is to deliver the following:

  • High strength aircraft quality concrete placement
  • High strength aircraft quality asphalt placement

We also provide construction supervisors to ensure high quality base course placement and subgrade preparation, and where necessary we can undertake the placement of these works directly.

As we are familiar with airport operational restrictions we can also undertake the planning of airside works including the development of Method of Working Plans (MOWP) for approval by airport operators. We have found that the higher standards and quality requirements for airport pavements generally results in higher than expected non conforming construction.

This can be due to roads experienced contractors not appreciating the difference in the material properties used on airports and high strength pavements – specifically the difference in aggregates and low workability of high strength concrete and the high compaction and quality requirements on flexible pavements.

On projects where we provide a Construction Quality Auditor role we can reduce the rejected work for the contractor which saves the project costs and time for the removal and reinstatement.